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Klinische PharmakologieInsgesamt 4 Ergebnisse
März 20181 Ergebnis 
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26.03.-28.03.2018 World ADC Berlin 2018
Now in it's 8th year, World ADC Berlin is Europe's leading antibody-drug conjugate conference. Across three days, this comprehensive three streamed...
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Jenny Barlow (DE) 10117 Berlin
April 20181 Ergebnis 
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05.04.-27.04.2018 27th AGAH Annual Meeting 2018
The conference will focus on how to predict as well as on how to prevent adverse drug reactions in early phase drug development. The major target...
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Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH) e.V. (DE) 80802 München
Juni 20181 Ergebnis 
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05.06.-06.06.2018 AGAH-Workshop “Introduction into Basic Principles of Pharmacokinetics”
This workshop, developed by experienced specialists from industry, CRO and consultancy, offers an entrée to physiological background, measures and...
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Arbeitsgemeinschaft für angewandte Humanpharmakologie (AGAH) e.V. Geschäftsstelle (DE) 61440 Oberursel