Digital Operating Room Summer School (DORS) 2019

Datum: 26. - 30.08.2019

Modern medical treatment is characterized by an increasing number of various technological elements such as technical medical instruments, medical information systems, imaging components and surgical assistance systems. The need for research and development into new medical systems and networked applications for methods of treatment is growing rapidly. This applies in particular to the scientific fields of medicine, computer science, engineering and mathematics. If they are to support individual treatment for patients in the best way possible, new technologies have to be integrated into the clinical environment. Moreover, these systems need to be able to communicate and interact both with each other and with the hospital’s IT system.

The integration of new technical infrastructure and technologies as well as the variety of resulting information present new challenges for physicians, engineers and manufacturers. To empower a new generation of young scientists to meet these challenges and carry out future projects, the Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS) at university Leipzig plans to hold his 5th Digital Operating Room Summer School (DORS).

DORS is primarily aimed at graduates, doctoral students, post-docs and senior scientists from research and industry with a multidisciplinary background. The five-day intensive course with an attractive, varied program will comprise lectures, hands-on sessions, visits to operating rooms and individual workshops, giving the participants an extensive overview of medical technology in digital operating rooms from different angles along with insights into current research projects and problems.

Clinical experts and users will explain their views and expectations regarding innovative computer-assisted technologies as well as the current state of progress in clinical practice and research. Both successful developments and negative examples will be addressed and the advantages and disadvantages for therapeutic medicine set out. Moreover, the technical background of innovative infrastructure and technical standards will be examined, and various architectures, frameworks and communication technologies for computer assisted interventions in the digital operation room explained.

The educational concept of the summer school provides for the strong interdisciplinary dovetailing of medical and technical aspects in a manner which is unique in the global technology landscape. Accordingly, the summer school will be organized in daily modules each devoted to a different topic and divided into lectures, visits and hands-on sessions. In addition it is also planned to establish workshops, in which the participants put their own research fields under discussion.

This broad combination of teaching methods involving the close integration of theory and practice will give participants an intensive insight into many different aspects of computer-assisted surgery. Particular attention will be paid to achieving a sound balance between theoretical teaching, opportunities for participants to try out what they have learned, providing demonstrations of clinical practice and as individual workshops.

Planned practical demonstrations will take place at the following laboratories and operating rooms:

Integrated operating room (Leipzig University Hospital – ENT)
ZEEGO Hybrid-OR (Heart Center Leipzig)
MRI Cardiac Catheter Lab (Heart Center Leipzig)
Tumor board (Liver Cancer Center Leipzig)
DaVinci-OR (University Hospital Leipzig)
Fully networked operating room (ICCAS demo OR)


Chirurgie, Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Magnetresonanztomographie, Medizinische Informatik, Strahlentherapie


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computer-assisted technologies and navigation systems in head and neck interventions, computer-assisted technologies in robotics and endoscopy, computer-assisted technologies in cardiovascular and image-guided interventions, background infrastructure for computer-assisted technologies, patient models, workflows and technical standards in operating rooms, operating room infrastructures and future technologies

Wissenschaftliche Leitung:
Prof. Neumuth, Prof. A. Melzer