13th Conference of the International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception Associates (FIAPAC)

Liberating women - Removing barriers and increasing access to safe abortion care

Datum: 14. - 16.09.2018
Uhrzeit: 08:00 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr

Dear Colleagues,

Nantes, capital of the region Pays de la Loire, and France are particularly happy to host the FIAPAC Conference in 2018.

A little more than 40 years after the adoption of the Veil law, the care provision of abortion and contraception is being modified by new organisations of the concerned departments, as well as the evolution of techniques and thoughts.

It is a good thing to have in France all this questions re-explored and discussed, with a positive support from professionals. Indeed, this event is warmly supported by the National Association of Abortion and Contraception Centers ANCIC, and the National College of Gynecologists and Obstetrics – CNOGF and will certainly also be supported and promoted by the Réseau Sécurité Naissance.

The way of taking care of abortion and contraception has no universal model. We all grow and better ourselves thanks to our exchanges with the others.

This melting pot, the FIAPAC conference, will therefore be fertile to improve the abortion and contraception care, to increase professional reflexions, with an ethic view of woman health, control of her reproductive life and sexuality.

Looking forward to welcoming you in France!
Best regards,

Doctor Philippe DAVID
Gynecology and Obstetrics Surgeon
Clinique Jules Verne
Founder of the Clotilde Vautier Abortion and Contraception Center


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Cité des Congrès

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